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Related article: Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 15:26:32 +1100 From: Iain Robertson Subject: After Nick & Noah - chapter 6Copyright for this story belongs to and remains with the author. I don't have any major objection to my work being re-distributed, but ASK FIRST!!!This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.I hope you enjoy my work, and if you have any comments, or ideas that may inspire new work, please feel free to contact me -- all emails will be answered to the best of my ability. Iainlthrhotmail.com.After Nick and NoahChapter 6Noah looked to Joe as Tony began ordering them out Uncensored Lolita Toplist of the house. Joe shrugged in resignation."It's alright guys. I'll call you later, I swear," he promised."Let's go, Nick," Noah said quietly.Nick simply nodded, glowering at Tony, who stood to escort them to the door. Out of Joe's hearing, with Nick and Noah standing on the pathway outside the house, Tony hissed menacingly."Face it, you two. Richard's gone -- for good! Joe doesn't need to hear any more about him. What Joe needs now is support and love, so leave him alone. It's bad enough that Richard was screwing around on him, and worse that he just left without any explanation. The last thing Joe should have to deal with now is more stories about bloody Richard and all his perverted, kinky leather shit!"With that, he slammed the door in their faces."That little bast..." Nick began, but Noah cut him off."Come on, my man," he said soothingly. "They need some space, both of them." ***At home again, Nick was still fuming about Tony's attitude, and the way he had thrown them out when it wasn't even his house."If you ask me, Tony seems to spend far too much time at Joe's place!" he declared."Yes, he does," agreed Noah. "I've been wondering about that. Tony has been there every time we have. I suspect he's there a lot more too -- like every day.""That can't be healthy," Nick stated. "Joe needs some space all to himself.""There seems to be more to it than just support, too," Noah went on. "I can't help feeling that Tony would like to be more than just a friend."Nick began to grin with understanding. "Of course! We should have seen it. Tony wants Joe for himself, that's why he keeps saying Richard isn't coming back, and telling us to leave Joe alone. Tony is hoping that Joe will fall for him instead. That explains the attitude. I wonder if Joe realises that yet -- something tells me he's not ready for a whole new relationship." Nick chuckled out loud."Something else bothers me," Noah said, not joining Nick's amusement just yet. "When Tony threw us out of there this afternoon, he made a very interesting comment.""What do you mean?" asked Nick, curious again.Noah looked as though he were thinking things through very carefully. He answered slowly. "Tony said that `the last thing Joe should have to deal with now is ... Richard and all his leather shit'. But how did Tony know Richard was into leather? Joe always keeps that from him -- he asked us specifically not Uncensored Lolita Toplist to mention it, remember.""Yes, he did!" said Nick emphatically."And I can't imagine Joe telling Tony about it," Noah went on. "That would lead to more questions than Joe would care to answer, in my opinion.""He was the one who first mentioned that Richard might be having an affair," Nick observed. "Maybe he had heard about some rumours about Richard's preferences when he heard the rumour about him screwing around?""Maybe," Noah nodded. "But if so, why not tell us? He was sure as hell eager enough to tell us about the suspected affair.""Tony might know more than he's letting on," Nick said. "And be keeping it quiet because he wants Joe for himself.""You are way too suspicious for your own good!" Noah declared, but grinned at his mate to reassure him he was only joking. He reached for the telephone and dialled Joe's number."Hi, Joe, it's Noah. I just wanted to apologise for this afternoon. We didn't mean to upset you, or Tony," he said. Nick watched intently, concentrating to hear Joe's reply."No problem, Noah," Joe answered. "I'm sorry for Tony's outburst. He means well, but sometimes he gets too protective.""That's fine," said Noah reassuringly. "Just one question, Joe -- did you tell Tony about Richard; I mean, about his preferences -- the leather and domination part of it?""Absolutely not!" Joe answered without hesitation. "I never mentioned it. Why do you ask?""Oh, no reason," Noah said carefully. "Just making sure we still needed to be careful about what we say to him, that's all. As long as you're okay.""Yes, thanks," Joe said tiredly. "I just need to get some rest.""You do that. We'll talk to you later. And we should apologise to Tony as well -- can you give me his address and number?""Sure," said Joe, dictating the details as Noah repeated them and Nick scribbled on a hastily grabbed sheet of paper. "But Uncensored Lolita Toplist I'm sure you don't need to apologise to him. He was just looking out for me.""Okay, Joe, get some rest. Bye." Noah said as he hung up. He turned to Nick. "Did you hear all of that?"Nick nodded. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"Noah grinned. "We should pay Tony a visit," he said. "Let's find out just how much he does know." ****It wasn't late yet, so the pair decided that they would confront Tony straight away. The more they considered the situation, the more they were convinced that Tony had been holding back from them, that he must know more about Richard than he had told them. Readying themselves for an argument, Nick and Noah were no more than 50 metres from Tony's home when they saw him come out of the house and head off in the opposite direction from where they were.Nick went to call out to him, but Noah grabbed his arm."Wait, Nick," he hissed. "Let's see where he's off to."Fortunately, the streets were reasonably busy, and Nick and Noah were able to follow their quarry from a distance without being spotted. Tony hurried along without looking around, and the two trailing him dodged in and out of pedestrians, never falling very far behind. After about ten minutes, he turned into a quiet residential street."Hey, Noah," Nick commented softly, "Isn't this the street where ...""... supersub lives!" Noah completed. "It sure is. This is getting more and more suspicious."They backed off a little, since there were fewer crowds in which to hide, but there was no doubting at all when they saw Tony walk up to the very house where they had been a couple of days earlier. As Nick and Noah tried to look inconspicuous, leaning against a low brick wall across the street and several doors down, Tony knocked several times at the door before it was opened. They could not hear what was said, nor could they see who answered clearly, but it certainly appeared as though a fairly heated discussion was taking place over there, on the footpath.The voices began to rise, and others on the street started to take notice, alarming Noah who was sure Tony and whomever he was talking to would look around and recognise himself and Nick, but instead, the door was opened wider and Tony ushered inside quickly."What do you make of that?" Nick asked."I don't know, but I'm sure it's no accident that Tony goes straight to this house today! He obviously knows a lot more than we thought, but I just don't see yet how he's involved."The two of them stayed where they were, trying out different possibilities on each other, but nothing seemed to make sense. They edged closer to the house, wondering what was going on, and when they came up to almost directly outside, they could definitely hear angry voices raised in argument. Tony and (they assumed) `supersub', were shouting at each other now, so loudly that the noise carried right out to the street, but they still could not make out the words being said.Suddenly, all went quiet."Quickly!" Noah warned, grabbing Nick's arm and striding across the street again to a spot where they would be less noticeable. He was just in time. Tony came storming out of the house, and looked around anxiously, but without noticing them, and headed back the way he had come."Do you want to follow Tony again?" Nick asked."Um, no," Noah decided. "I think `supersub' might be more likely to tell us what's going on. Let's see!"They walked up and rapped on the door Tony had just slammed. In a matter of seconds it was reefed open to them, preceded by an angry hiss."I fucking well told you ..." supersub was saying until he saw who was there. He speedily changed his manner. "Oh, hi guys, I ... ah ... thought you were someone else."He looked past them, into the street, then back to Nick and Noah, smiling now. "Back for another round already? You should have called ..."Nick returned the smile. "Maybe, maybe not. What we'd really like to do is talk to you about something. Can we come in?"The sub's face showed uncertainty, even suspicion, but he stood aside for them. Once in the living room, his eagerness to please seemed to have disappeared. "You're here about Mr Dominance again, aren't you?"Noah nodded. "In a way. We saw the guy who just left, the one you were arguing with. What's going on?"Supersub sighed. "I guessed as much. What do you know about that guy -- the one who was just here?""We know that he knows Richard -- ah, `Mr Dominance' -- and Mr Dominance's partner. We also know that he doesn't like Mr Dominance, and we suspect that he's trying to break them up. We think he wants Mr Dominance's lover for himself," Noah explained."Oh, wow. But that doesn't explain things for me ..." supersub whistled."So what do you know?" Nick demanded."Not a lot," was the reply."Then why was he here, why were you arguing?"The other man looked at both Nick and Noah carefully, weighing them in his mind, before he went on. "Last time you were here, I told you the last time I saw `Mr Dominance' he went too far, wouldn't respect my limits, and that I hadn't heard from him since.""Yeah?" Nick said."Well, that's not quite true. I have seen him since, but only once. He showed up here unannounced last week, on Sunday night.""That's the night he had the fight with Joe," Nick exploded."Yeah, I know," supersub said flatly. "He showed up here, and he was angry. I mean really angry. It was obvious something had happened to him, although I had no idea what. But it was also obvious that he was looking for a way to take it out on someone else -- that being me! I remembered all too well the last time he had been here, and I told him there was no way I was getting Uncensored Lolita Toplist into anything with him in that mood, or any other mood for that matter.""So what did he do?" Noah prodded."He yelled. And I yelled. And then we fought."Nick looked surprised. "You argued with him -- `Mr Dominance'?""No," supersub winced at the memory. "We fought. Literally. He punched me, and I punched back. I don't think he was expecting that, because I didn't fit into the usual submissive role he knew me for. There were more punches, and we wrestled around a bit. It got pretty serious," he finished, rubbing his hand along his jaw, recalling a particularly hard thump."And?" Nick insisted."And then he left. I was fairly badly beaten -- could barely stand, but he wasn't much better. He muttered something about `slaves not knowing their place anymore' and stumbled out of here.""And THAT was the last time you saw him?" Noah asked."Yep! This time I'm telling the truth. I haven't seen him or heard from him since.""Why didn't you tell us this before?" Nick demanded, growing angry."Because of that guy who just left," supersub replied, matching the anger."I don't understand. What has Tony got to do with it?"The submissive shrugged. "So that's his name? He showed up here that same night. About an hour Uncensored Lolita Toplist after `Mr Dominance' left. I was still feeling pretty sick, could only just stand, and I'd forgotten to lock the door when Mr D stormed out. I look up to find this Tony guy standing right here in this room, over me. He spat at me, called me a piece of low-life shit. I thought he was after some action, that maybe Mr D had sent him in. But instead he told me that he knew what kind of kinky shit I'd been up to, and that I was sick, just like anyone else who did the same stuff. He whispered, real low and mean, that I was to forget anyone -- him or anyone else -- had been here that night, and that if he ever found out I'd told someone what had happened that night, he would kill me. And the way he said it, I don't think he was exaggerating. Then he put the boot in, just for good measure. Kicked me hard in the leg, and just walked away. I was too weak to fight back, and I figured he may have known what he was doing, so I kept my mouth shut when you guys started asking."Nick and Noah were silent for a moment, both thinking through this new information."So what happened tonight?" Noah finally asked. "You didn't look like you were Uncensored Lolita Toplist backing down this time. We could hear you arguing from outside on the street."The other man smiled wryly. "Yeah, well I was feeling a lot better today than the last time he visited. He started accusing me of spilling my guts. Said he knew I had told someone about that night. I denied it, but he wouldn't give up, kept insisting I tell him who I had talked to. I brought him inside because people were taking notice out there. We yelled some more, and then he got real nasty. Said that my `friend' had disappeared. I told him I'd heard that, and he said that if I wasn't careful I might disappear too." Supersub grinned then, an evil grin. "That's when I really stood up to him. I might enjoy being the sub when it comes to sex, but no arsehole is gonna push me around like that in real life! I let him have a good whack, punched him right in the stomach, and told him to get out. He wasn't hurt bad, and away he went -- in a hurry."Nick looked perplexed, Noah thoughtful."I don't understand why he would try to warn you off," Nick said. "If he is trying to break Richard and Joe up, then I would expect him to encourage you."Supersub simply shrugged, but Noah was even less certain."It's not that so much which worries me," he said slowly. "I don't like the comment about `making you disappear too' -- as if he was the one who made Richard -- sorry, Mr Dominance -- disappear!""Sorry guys, I can't help you there," said the man."Just be careful, there's something about him I don't trust," Noah thought aloud."Well, if he comes back again, I'll be ready for him. I ain't taking that kind of shit from no-one!" His smile widened, "But I could certainly help you in other ways ..." he whispered, his intentions obvious.Noah blushed, and Nick coughed with embarrassment. "Sorry, guy, not tonight. We have more important things to worry about. But thanks for the offer.""Aww, come on guys. You know how good we are together. Besides, I figure you two owe me. This is the second time you've come around here trying to get information out of me. Surely I've earned a little `reward'." He licked his lips invitingly and looked them both up and down slowly, paying particular attention to Noah. "In fact ..." he said slowly, mischievously, "... I could even turn dominant for the night, if you'd like a little variation?"Nick reddened again, and began to mumble an apology, but before he could say more than a few words, Noah butted in."I think maybe he's right, Trojan," he said in a voice thick with promise and lust. His partner spun around in surprise, his mouth falling open. To his look of shock, Noah simply raised a questioning eyebrow.Despite the instantaneous hard-on tenting his jeans, Nick stammered to the other man, "Just a minute, okay?" and moved away a little, whispering at Noah urgently, "Are you sure you want to do this?"Noah's bravado wilted a little, but he nodded anyway. "Think about it, Nick," he hissed. "He's right -- on several points. We know how good we can be with him; we know he's both careful and genuine; and we do owe him for barging into his life. Besides, it would be damn hot, and we've talked about this scenario, especially if I'm the slave being shared by two masters! I'm up for it if you are."Nick's face broke into a massive, guilty grin which was quickly replaced by anticipatory lust."We'd love to!" he stated firmly to the waiting man, "But we'll have to go home to get our gear!""No need, Sir," was supersub's enthusiastic response, as realisation and sudden, growing delight flooded his face. "I have plenty here for all of us! And our roles?""You and I -- tops; we share my boy." Nick stated firmly, his interest heightening rapidly.The other nodded in comprehension and grinned lustily. "Then for tonight you can call me `Hammer'!" he said."Hammer?" Nick questioned."Oh yeah, `cause it fits with your boy's `Viking', and I'm looking forward to hammering that Viking arse!"Noah grinned with delighted anticipation, and Nick chuckled out loud. "Lead on, Hammer," he said happily. "Let's get ourselves properly dressed for this."The other man smiled, and directed them into the room where they had `played' on their last visit. Pulling open the doors of a large cupboard on one wall, he revealed a number of harnesses and several pairs of chaps, as well as hoods. "I'm sure we can make do with what's here, Trojan," he declared conspiratorially.Nick nodded agreement, selecting a wide-strap simple harness and chaps with lace-up sides which he happily pulled on over a leather jockstrap which zippered open right down the front. The chaps were a little long for his shorter frame, but they would do for tonight.Supersub, or `Hammer', Nick Uncensored Lolita Toplist had to remind himself, chose a similar harness, although his was adorned with rows of small chrome studs. Over his groin he placed a cod-piece belt which fitted around his cock and balls Uncensored Lolita Toplist like a cockring but of solid wide leather. Snaps around the platform allowed him to attach two more pieces of leather -- a pouch which fit snugly around his testicles, and a full cod to cover his weapon -- already semi hard and leaking slightly with anticipation. The chaps he smoothed over his long legs were shining, tight, and smooth, with a long red stripe of inset leather that ran down the outer side of each leg.Noah was almost the same size as Hammer, both in height and girth, so the chaps he was handed fit him like a glove. They were plain black, gleamingly polished, and tight as skin. He pulled them on to the approving gaze of both Masters. His upper body was bedecked with an elaborate harness consisting of numerous leather straps which rode over both shoulders, around his chest to emphasise his pectorals, his ribcage, his waist and his hips. Connected by a series of chrome rings all joined to vertical straps front and back, the Uncensored Lolita Toplist combination effectively encased him in black leather. Hammer stooped to fit a ball separator around Noah's scrotum, grinningly licking a tantalising tongue along the hardening shaft of the slave's cock as he did, before stepping back again, and handed Viking a full slave hood. Noah fitted the soft leather over his head, feeling and becoming faceless as he did so. The sense excited him, as the covering had only eyeholes and a slit over his mouth but was otherwise a complete encasement of his head.He stood back, taking on his role as the slave, but also grateful for the opportunity to run hungry eyes over the two Masters he was to service tonight, both Nick and the other man looked stunning in their gear, and Noah's cock began to lengthen as he wondered what they would demand of him.As the slave finished dressing, Hammer rummaged around until he found two identical master's caps for himself and his co-conspirator. The headgear was a soft, dull black leather; peaked caps with shining black visors that hung low over the eyes. Both caps sported slim silver chains around the brim and across the peak, and each gave its wearer an unmistakable air of authority. Hammer pulled his own cap on, then reached to adjust Nick's."Looking good; damn good, Trojan!" he stated."You too, Hammer," Nick replied, his approval evident in the look he cast over the other figure. As he finally lifted his eyes to the other Master's face, he realised that Hammer was looking at his lover with undisguised desire. Strangely, Nick felt no jealousy, but rather a great deal of pride, and a growing desire of his own, as he studied Noah, standing patiently and waiting. This was his -- no, their -- slave, and they were going to enjoy him!"Viking!" Nick declared in a menacing tone, as he moved to stand near to Hammer, positioning himself so that the two Masters were less than a metre apart, at right angles to each other."Sir?" the sub responded quickly.Nick looked at his colleague, and smiled. "Master Hammer and I both seem to need our boots cleaned. Get over here and get started."As Noah scurried to comply, Nick crossed his arms on his chest and spread his legs. Hammer did the same, echoing Nick's stance, and Noah was instantly in the gap between them, his face to the floor, his arse pointing at the ceiling, and his tongue darting out to moisten the boots of one and then the other as he cleaned them with his lips and paid homage to the two dominant men. The slave's head bobbed from side to side as he tried to attend to both Masters, taking the chance from time to time to glance upward and allow himself a daring but rewarding glimpse of towering black legs topped by bulging leather pouches, crossed arms and strong, forceful looks from both Trojan and Hammer.Excited by the two Masters above him, and with his arousal growing quickly, Noah set to his assigned task with relish, licking carefully at the boots, shins and claves of the men at whose feet he knelt. The smell of the leather in his face as his tongue tasted the tanned hide was incredible, and his own masculinity hardened between his legs, leaking crystalline drops of pre-cum onto the floor.Nick was barely able to contain himself as he stood there, his arms crossed and legs spread wide, while his slave chewed away at his legs. Hammer stood beside him, mirroring his stance, and Nick happily took in the view of his co-Master, muscled and tense as the `boy' between them moved back and forth, biting at first Nick's own legs, then at the other master, before returning to Nick again. He truly felt like he was `Trojan', and that the `Viking' at his feet was there for the sole purpose of servicing and pleasuring both himself and `Hammer'. His body trembled with arousal at the anticipation, and his cock filled the leather cocoon holding it in place. He glanced over to note with satisfaction that Hammer's cod-piece was ballooning out to its limits as well, his colleague obviously enjoying the attentions of Viking as much as he was.`Hammer' stood mesmerised. Thrills raced through his entire body. The sight of Trojan, standing so close, and looking so powerful in glistening leather, sent his normally subservient longings into overload. But this switch to the dominant role was amazing him with a whole new set of twitching needs as the leather hooded slave between them gnawed slowly up the length of his chaps. The incredible sense of power that he felt, the knowledge that he did not need to beg for permission, but could reach down and order this slave to pleasure him, caused a swelling in his groin which hardened his erection beyond memory. He fought desperately against the urge to reach out and grope at Trojan, standing beside him, yet his breathing became ragged as the Viking boy at his feet gradually rose higher and higher up his thighs, the slave's hands caressing his legs through the tight leather he wore.When Noah's lips made contact with the stretched and rounded hide encasing Nick's balls, it was as if a trigger had been sprung. Nick let out a long groan of delight, and let his head roll back as his arms fell to his sides. Bringing himself back to concentration, Nick placed one hand on the back of Noah's head, massaging the dark, soft leather and pulling his slave harder into his bulging crotch. His free hand moved unbidden to the master standing alongside him, reaching for Hammer's chest and finding his nipple, tweaking it hard and pulling at the small dark erection."Holy Fuck!" Hammer hissed between clenched teeth as his torso spasmed with the delight of the touch. His right hand clasped at Trojan's exposed butt cheek, squeezing at the hard round flesh and pushing it forward, forcing the other master's cock harder against the slave's face. His left hand cradled his own genitalia, cupping his nuts through the cod-piece he wore, and framing the long tube of black struggling against its constraints."Oh yeah, suck at him, boy!" Hammer muttered at Viking. "Use that mouth of yours on your Master's fuckpole!"Noah complied, working harder at Nick's manhood in response to the command, but not for too long. With encouragement from Trojan in the form of a gripping push at his hood, Viking moved sideways, directing his attention to the throbbing, straining leather sack which held Hammer's hammer. As the slave's lips began to chew at his leather encased testicles, Hammer removed his hand and uttered a deep grunt of excitement. His right hand still gripped at Trojan's butt, the other Master continuing to pinch and paly with his tit, and Hammer swung around a little, his left hand finding the spit moistened pouch struggling to contain Trojan's cock and balls."Oh, yeah ..." whispered Nick. Noah's left hand was squeezing one cheek, Hammer's right hand the other. He looked down to see a leathered head attacking the other Master's bulging cod, and shuddered with arousal when Hammer's fingers closed around his own nuts.He stepped sideways now, bringing his hip hard against Hammer's. His cock pushed forward, sandwiching the other's hand against Uncensored Lolita Toplist the side of Viking's head as the slave continued to suckle at Hammer's balls. With his right hand playing over the Master's chest, his left arm swung across Hammer's back, drawing them together. Impulsively, he leaned in and began to kiss the other man.Hammer's response was immediate and passionate. Instantly, the two men were locked at the lips, tongues exploring and lips working hard. Both were more than conscious of the head between them which now bobbed back and forth from one bulging leather sack to the other, alternating attention as the two masters held each other and locked lips in a frenzy. Their free hands met, one atop the other, as they jointly held the slave's head and directed his mouth from one to the other and back again.Noah gummed at the pair of straining leather envelopes presented to him, eagerly chewing at each in turn, the pressure on his head moving him back and forth. His hands groped and squeezed at the four hard rounded melons of his two Masters' arses, and his cock bobbed below him, hard as steel. Whilst his face was pressed against Hammer's nuts, his fingers found the zipper in the centre of Trojan's pouch, and he carefully, slowly, slid it down and open, exposing the slicked and rampant rod of flesh within. Peeling the layer of hide away, he closed his fingers around the heaving balls, and swallowed the throbbing pole in a single motion.Above him, he heard a muted grunt of satisfaction from Nick, and suckled hard at the living spear in his mouth. As he did, his other hand felt its way up Hammer's leg, traced the line along the edge of his chaps, and found the snaps holding the cod-piece in place. Viking easily pulled at the leather triangle, and it gave way, Hammer's long thick cock springing forward to slap at Noah's hide bound cheek. Using his fist to continue stroking Trojan, Viking turned his head and licked long wet slurps along the shaft of Hammer's cock, nibbling at the ridge of his glans, before slowly taking that turgid weapon into his gullet and massaging it with his tongue."Oh fuck yeah..." he heard Hammer gasp. With a cock in each fist, Noah looked up to see the two masters kissing feverishly, their hands running over chest and abs, their groins pushing in together, sandwiching him in an envelope of flesh and leather, of cocks and balls and sweat.Without thinking, the slave began to suck and bite at each of the raging erections in turn. But he wanted more -- he wanted them both! Impulsively, Viking pulled at the pair of pricks, pressing them together, and opening his mouth wide. Both men were well endowed, and it was a struggle to do, but the slave managed to get his lips around both cock-heads at once. Sheer size and physical restraints meant he could not manage to swallow any more than a few inches of the doubled dongs at once, but with a pair of testicles in each hand, and jostling penises in his mouth, Viking was in paradise.Hammer and Trojan continued their kissing and groping as the slave swallowed them both, desperately trying to find a position where he could take more of their lengths. Both men were aroused incredibly, and when they eventually separated, a chorus of gasps and hisses erupted as they found their breath, and wallowed in the pleasure of the servicing the slave delivered.Nick was the one who broke the impasse as Noah tried to suck at each of them together."It's about time that arse of yours got some work, Viking," he declared. "Get up here and into this sling."Noah reluctantly relinquished the double penises, and clambered to his feet."Yeah, boy," Hammer said menacingly. "It's time for your other hole to take some cock!"between them, hammer and Trojan manhandled the slave into the sling, pushing him back onto the leather platform, and lifting his boots into stirrups which kept his legs spread wide. One on either side, they grinned evilly at each other as each of them took a wrist and snapped handcuffs around Viking's forearms, binding him to the chains which supported the sling from the ceiling. As Nick moved back between his slave's legs, Hammer grabbed a bottle of amyl from a shelf nearby and handed it to the slave. Noah found that even though his hands were shackled, there was enough give to allow him to hold the bottle to his nostrils if and when he wished. He nodded to the other man -- "Thank you' Sir."Noah Uncensored Lolita Toplist jumped a little with excitement when he felt Nick's fingers at his sphincter. A generous amount of lube was dolloped across his ring of muscle and massaged into his hole while he lay there and watched his Master prepare him. At the same time, Hammer moved around to the head of the sling, standing over the slave and looking down along his body to where Trojan was opening the boy's arse with his fingers. His arousal was obvious, his cock hard and trembling with every beat of his heart, a fine drool of pre-cum oozing from his slit and falling to the floor."That's it, Trojan," he said hoarsely. "Fuck that sweet arse, man. Open it up and fill it with your meat."Nick grinned at his co-Master. "Oh yeah," he hissed, lining up his purpled cockhead with Noah's puckering hole, and pressing forward, burying himself in the slave in a single motion."Ahh, fuck yes! Thank you, Sir," Noah spat out between clenched teeth."Mmmm, you like that, Viking?" Hammer asked."Yes, Sir," Noah replied. "Fuck me, please Sir!"Nick did. Gripping Noah's legs with his hands, he began to swing the sling back and forward in a pendulum movement, using the motion to ram his cock deep into Viking's body, then pull it out in a slurping, wet vacuum before pounding back in again."Oh yeah, Trojan," Hammer said. "Fuck him man. That's the way -- deep and hard!"As he spoke, the other Master pulled Noah's body back into the sling further, until the slave's head could fall back over the edge of the leather. His fingers found Noah's nipples, and began to pull and twist at them, and as he did, Hammer directed his cock into Viking's face. Noah enthusiastically took the slicked, throbbing weapon into his throat. At this angle, with his head thrown back, he could easily swallow the full length of Hammer's manhood, feeling it ram into his gullet, to pull back and drive in again. Viking locked his jaw open, and used his lips and tongue as best he could to taste and massage Hammer's dick.Noah was ecstatic. His body Uncensored Lolita Toplist was being fucked at both ends. His arse was plundered by the powerful strokes of Nick's fucking while his throat slopped and suckled at the pile driver of a cock slamming into him from above. Sometimes the two Masters were in time, each driving into him at once. At other times, they were on alternate cycles, so that as Hammer's prong slid back from his face, Trojan's sword stabbed into him, and while Trojan withdrew, Hammer again speared that long prick into his face. He was so aroused, so alive, that he thought he would cum right there without any further stimulation.Hammer too, was approaching the brink. The sight of Trojan fucking this boy deep and hard, while he forced his own cock into the hot and willing mouth, was incredibly exciting. The slurping wet sounds of fucking and the occasional gasp of breath, were a symphony of sex, and his senses were going into overload.Nick realised that the other two were close. It wasn't difficult, since he was also near his peak. His vision was filled with Noah's gorgeous body, wrapped in leather, swinging and writhing beneath him and around him, the moist warmth of his partner's gut encasing his tool. And the handsome, muscular body of his fellow dom bent slightly over Viking, the thick sabre of manmeat disappearing into Noah's mouth. He backed off a little, slowing things and allowing all of them to ease away from climax."Hey, Hammer," he said with a smile. "This hole is too good to keep for myself. You wanna try it, man!"The other man laughed. "I thought you'd never offer," he said. "I've been looking forward to plugging this slave of yours. I guess his hole is nice and ready for me after the fucking you've been giving it.""You bet!" Nick answered. "Help yourself -- it's nice n wet n hot right now."Noah shook with anticipation as the two discussed him as if he weren't there, as if his body were no more than a toy for them to play with. The very thought was incredibly arousing, and his sphincter twitched as it awaited the next assault. He did not have to wait long.Hammer's cock wasn't as thick as Nick's, and it entered Noah's bowel easily, sliding in steadily as the Master enjoyed this new sensation engulfing his weapon. But he was considerably longer than Trojan, and the slave soon began to gasp as the extra length filled him and penetrated deeper and deeper into his gut. When he finally bottomed out, his leather clad nuts pressing against the firm skin of Noah's butt, Viking could have sworn
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